Smart Disaster Planning Steps

Brent Ross, CPA, CFE, CPECIt’s important for both individuals and businesses to protect themselves against the potential financial consequences of natural disasters. Here are a few smart tips we recommend. 

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

Why Do Some Small Businesses FailAccording to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of entrepreneurships fail within the first five years of existence. Former small business owners cite a litany of reasons why their business didn't make it, usually ranging from complaints about banks and the government to their allegedly incompetent partners. Although some of these reasons are legitimate, most small business failures are caused by a lack of planning and focus on the part of the owners – despite the fact that there are many experienced professionals willing to provide assistance.

Making the Leap from Entrepreneur to Successful Leader

Brent Ross, CPA, CFE, CPECThe very assets that make entrepreneurs successful can turn into handicaps when their business ventures take off and they assume the role of boss. Going from being responsible for everything and being a hands-on player in every aspect of the business to having employees to supervise and delegate is a giant leap. Most of us make the transition in stages, but even so we have to adapt to change or we could end up sabotaging the success we've worked so hard to build.

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Does Appearance Make You a Better Leader?

Brent Ross, CPA, CFE, CPECCan "Executive" gestures make you a better leader? A recent Wall Street Journal post tells aspiring workplace leaders how to "act the part and look the part" of a "savvy" executive. WSJ news editor Joann Lublin writes of an "image makeover" and lists Dee Soder's tips "To Improve Your Executive Presence." Question: "Aren't there more important things than 'executive presence' that managers and executives need for success in their leadership roles?


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Saying NO Makes Positive Impact in Workplace

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale changed the mindset of Americans by the millions with his long-time bestseller, The Power of Positive Thinking. That concept is the target of at least one business expert who says it had a negative impact on a generation of business people – the tendency to say, "Yes" when they should say, "No."

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Surefire Ways to Market Your Business When You're Strapped for Cash

Brent Ross, CPA, CFE, CPECTraditional advertising and social media offer great ways to reach customers, but running an effective ad campaign requires a major budget commitment that many small business owners can't afford. Marketing isn't limited to advertising and some of its most effective tools are simple and affordable.

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The Importance of an Annual Business Valuation for Small Business Owner

People who built their businesses from the ground up are often surprised when it comes time to sell and they receive a lower-than-expected valuation. In fact, many business owners have no idea how much their business is worth. Business valuations can be complicated, but the annual use of professionals such as certified appraisers can help business owners figure out where they stand and what they can do to improve the value of their business well before they even think about selling.

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Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Business

The recent tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma remind us how vulnerable we are when disaster hits. Whether you live in tornado alley, a coastal area or inland, unexpected disaster can threaten your home or business with very little warning.

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Knowing Work Styles Predicts Work Behavior

"Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves, their strengths, their values, and how they best perform," according to Peter Drucker. And success for workplace leaders comes with knowing employees and associates. Know more…click on "Full Article."

Evidence Mounts: Emotional Intelligence Can Predict Performance

A recent analysis of Emotional Intelligence studies conducted at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business confirmed higher Emotional Intelligence has a relationship to strong job performance. It's the latest piece of research showing that Emotional Intelligence can be a solid predictor of performance in the workplace. It may even be more important than IQ for some other parameters.


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Giving Your Team the Winning Advantage

Profitability requires two skills — identifying financial opportunities and turning them into bottom line results. You can improve profitability with training.
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Is This Your Situation — Making Employees Partners or Shareholders?

Have you promised to make key employees owners? Do you need to keep the best people and can only do it through ownership?
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