Your Credit Score - More Important than You Think

How often during the day do you hear about credit scores? It seems you just can't get away from the advertisements. Whether in the car, watching television or on the computer, you see and hear about offers to help monitor or increase your credit score.

Click on "Full Article" to help you determine if you want to take any of these offers seriously. This article discusses just what the credit score is and how it affects your life.

Coordinate Your Advisor Team - How to get your financial advisor, CPA and attorney working together.

In today's complicated field of financial planning, no one professional can be a "Jack of all trades." It's important to build a team of advisors to take advantage of the full range of expertise to run both a business and your personal affairs. However, it's also paramount that these professionals work together to integrate tax planning with financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and so on.