Tired of Rising Workers' Comp Costs?

The Workers' Compensation premiums your company pays are getting out of control. You're looking for ways to lower costs. Read the Full Article for some preventative steps that can result in big savings.

Expenses Incurred on Out-of-Town Job

You're traveling to a temporary construction job
and you'll be building up extra living expenses. You might be able to deduct the outlay on your tax return but be wary — the IRS conditions are stringent. Read the Full Article to find out how to qualify for a write-off.

Have an Office In the Home

You maintain an office at home where you make phone calls and catch up on paperwork for your construction company. Can you claim tax deductions for expenses associated with the office? Read the Full Article to find out.

Accurate Job Costing Improves Profits

Does your construction firm continue winning bid after bid, yet make less than your expected profits? You may want to consider re-evaluating your job costing system. Read the Full Article to learn how you can improve the process and enhance profits.

Considering a Large Project?

You're a construction firm owner
evaluating a large privately-funded construction job. To protect your company from default, it would prudent to obtain surety bonds to verify that contractors are qualified to perform the job. Read the Full Article to find out how our firm can help.

Be Clear on How Your Firm Classifies Workers

Video of the week Independent ContractorsIndependent contractors are a fact of life at many businesses trying to cut costs. If your company is one of them, be sure to comply with tax and benefit laws. This video explains how a misstep can come back to haunt you with back taxes, penalties and interest. The article outlines two federal programs: One is aimed at encouraging businesses to voluntarily reclassify workers; the other is a joint state and federal crackdown.

Better Budgeting Means Better Business

Budgeting is a necessary,
but sometimes difficult part, of operating any construction business. The more accurate budget you prepare, the easier it is to get financing, react to changing business conditions and get your company ready for the future. Read the Full Article for some budgeting hints.

Employment Trends in Construction: Mixed Reviews

Recent employment figures in the construction industry indicate a mixed bag of results. According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), a Washington D.C.-based association of over 30,000 construction firms, unemployment in the industry fell to 9.1 percent, the lowest July mark in five years. At the same time, however, the numbers also show general stagnation over the last four months.