IRS Allows Section 179 Deduction for Vineyard Planting Costs

The IRS has reversed its position on whether vineyard planting costs are eligible for a Section 179 deduction. That could provide tax savings for some operations. Here are the details of the IRS guidance as well as what it means for vineyard owners.

Horse Farm Workers Were Employees -- Not Independent Contractors

Hiring independent contractors is a common practice at many businesses, including farms. But if you use outside workers, make sure you understand and comply with the tax laws. In one recent U.S. Tax Court case, a farm was assessed unpaid taxes and penalties after it incorrectly treated workers as independent contractors, rather than employees. Here are the details of the case, along with the factors the IRS and courts use to determine worker status.

Farm Fraud: Help Prevent Grain from Being Stolen

Farming businesses that store grain at facilities may not expect that their crops will be stolen. But one case illustrates how it can happen. Here are the facts of the case, along with some tips on how to prevent fraud from happening to your operation.

Dealing With a CCC Loan in Your Farm Business?

Are you a farmer pledging all or part of your production to secure a CCC (Commodity Credit Corporation) loan? You may not be properly reporting market gain when you use CCC certificates to pay off your loan.