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CPAs Apart from the CrowdRoss Hughes & Associates, CPAs, PLLC is a Jacksonville, FL accounting firm providing, accounting, and bookkeeping services, tax planning and tax return preparation, estate and succession planning, advisory, and specialty consulting for small businesses in the Jacksonville area. We work with our clients to be innovative while striving to maintaining high professional standards and values. Ross Hughes & Associates, CPAs, LLC serves as valued and uncommon accounting advisors to clients by providing unique guidance beyond accounting and tax, focusing on incorporating operational, bottom line strategies with individual growth perspectives. In other words, we coach our clients to look beyond the numbers and pay attention to the things that drive culture and workforce creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and passion.Probably the thing we do best is help our clients rediscover the things that are important and how to have fun again!
Our offices are located on Southside Blvd just north of of JTB. The entrance to our office park, Southside Professional Center, is directly across Southside Blvd from Hooters Restaurant in Tinseltown. As you are heading south on Southside Blvd, turn right at the Watson Realty sigh and then take the first left. We are the second building on the right, Suite 601. 
4540 Southside Blvd
Suite 601
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone 904-641-6288
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