We Don't Just Count Your Beans - We Help You Grow ThemWe are a certified public accounting firm having the CPA and consulting staff and experience to work with individuals and businesses in almost any industry. About seventy percent of the tax and accounting issues experienced by all business are similar. The rest may be unique to the industry. And we are experienced in most industries. The industries we work with can be reviewed in detail on our industry page.

We like to stay one step ahead of our client's needs, proactively exploring ways to improve their bottom line, grow their businesses and increase the value of what is probably the largest asset in their estates.

We do this through traditional accounting techniques like meeting with them periodically to discuss the state of the business or their individual tax situation, helping business owners understand and interpret the interrelationship between financial statements, and understanding how financial and non financial ratios can clarify why certain things are happening in their business – the cause and the effect is revealed and demonstrated.

However, we go beyond traditional techniques. We like to help our clients identify and build strategies utilizing:
  1. Key performance indicators to recognize trends in the business much sooner than historical financial analysis would identify,
  2. Identification and prioritization of critical success factors through strategically planning the direction of the company and developing a written plan to move forward in the right direction with a process for success,
  3. An evaluation and understanding of the company's culture from the purpose, vision, values, goals, roles and responsibilities practiced in the company to the leadership skill sets of the management team and other functional teams in the organization that might be hindering success, and
  4. A process for identifying prospective employees with the right fit for the culture and the job position in the company.
Coming up with truly successful proactive strategies to help our clients cannot be accomplished without going beyond traditional tools used by CPAs analyzing a business. Entrepreneurial business vision utilizing broader skill sets is needed, and that is why Ross Hughes & Associates is so unique. We really are uncommon financial advisors.

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