Donna Lungren"A very Uncommon CPA firm. Brent Ross and his team are extremely helpful and not only care about counting beans, they care about teaching their clients how to plant and grow the beans! They have unique ways of finding the not so obvious ways you might be losing revenue or productivity. They combine their accounting skills as well as their leadership training and consulting to help the small business owner regroup and grow. - Great Job, Ross Hughes & Associates!"

Donna Lungren -  Advantage Business Magazine

Charles Rogers"Brent and his staff have provided excellent services in a timely manner for many years. The Firm is one of knowledge, experience, and integrity."


Charles Rogers -  Rogers Apprasial Group, Inc.

Harris Willman"I have known Brent and his family for over thirty years and have always had the highest respect for him as a friend, as a Christian, and as our accounting and business consulting partner. Though we have now sold our business, we continue to use his tax preparation service. While we owned the business, Brent and his staff guided us with very useful training, business valuation as well as tax preparation. I highly recommend Brent and his team."

Harris Willman

Ridge Sink"I have retained the services of Brent and his team for many years. I have found them to be honest, reliable, on top of current law change, and communicate well with me. They have always kept my best interest in hand when advising me. I have worked most closely with Muhammad Mansoori over the years. His dedication to my well being has been remarkable. He is quite talented in his role at this firm. I have no reservation in recommending their services to anyone in need of a talented CPA firm."

Ridge Sink -  Restaurant Entrepreneur & Consultant

Bob Franklin"It is without a single reservation that I recommend Brent Ross. I have worked with Brent and the Harrison Assessments organization for a while now ... recently I had the pleasure of continuing my Harrison Assessments training over a two day period with Brent. I can say without hesitation, Brent’s training and teaching style is a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t lecture but rather presents the information in a clear and comprehensive way; peppered with anecdotal discussion that helps you fully retain the information. It is clear why Brent is so highly regarded in the world of "Leadership Training”. Give Brent a call - your organization will come away better trained, organized and prepared to meet the challenges of today’s business environment."

Bob W. Franklin -  Franklin Employer Solutions

"John Murk and Brent Ross have been providing me with tax and accounting assistance for over a decade. Initially my needs were primarily for tax return preparation. I then started a business which required broader accounting and corporate policy consultation. John and Brent were extremely helpful throughout the start-up and growth phases of the business. They provided timely, clear and useful advice regarding appropriate accounting and tax issues. They took the initiative to ensure all tax returns were filed timely and were responsive to any questions or requests. John and Brent were also directly involved in the recent sale of the business. The sale process involved numerous, complex financial and tax related issues which they handled competently, professionally and timely. Their assistance certainly aided in the successful closing of the transaction. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brent and his team to any individual or business requiring financial, tax and accounting services."

Mark Kennedy

Tony Lego"Brent Ross and his associates have one of the top CPA firms in Jacksonville. They take the time to understand your business so you can maximize your business. Moreover they bring a wide breath of business acumen to you which can help improve your business."

Tony Lego -  Lego "LEAN" Associates & Consultant at Expense Reduction Consulting

Elizabeth Holdsworth"We had a complicated return of 2 states and 3 jobs and he made the process a breeze. Brent and his staff worked together to help make sure we were ready by our target date. Brent also consulted with me on my new business and gave me information that I requested to get it up and running.

I would definitely recommend his services to others. "

Elizabeth Holdsworth  -  Insure Impact, LLC

 Village Bread Company  
"Brent is a professional at heart that truly tries to understand the issues you face. He then tries to understand how he can help you, not only from an accounting/tax benefit, but how to impact your life in a personal manner. If there is any way Brent can help, he will figure out how and deliver his help in a way you can understand.”

Kelly Harris -  Village Bread Company

Jim Morgan"Brent has provided outstanding accounting services for me personally and for some small corporations. His ability to track the details from year to year is amazing. I am not sure when he started but I think more than 30 years ago. He has subsequently mentored others to spread his skills.”

Jim Morgan -  Sperry Van Ness - Investec Services

Louie Saig"Brent and his firm have always been accessible, dependable, timely and creative when needed. His insight regarding a company's operations goes beyond crunching numbers... he is very insightful regarding management consulting.”

CEO, Louis Saig -  Harry's Seafood Bar & Grill

"Although Brent is a CPA by profession, his vast training and expertise in the areas of Leadership as well as Executive & High Performance Coaching is very rare with this type background. But, this combination of abilities is what makes Brent unique and enables him to truly take organizations to levels of success that other consultants can only dream about.”

Alan Welch

Mary Elizabeth Murphy"Brent Ross is a powerful business coach. His coaching skill and financial expertise are the perfect combination for any business owner. I have been working with Brent since early 2009.

Brent has a unique way of simplifying complex concepts. As a direct result of Brent's coaching we are making more informed decisions that are having a positive impact on our business plan and bottom line.

I highly recommend Brent Ross, a trustworthy, financial expert who utilizes proven coaching methods to help his clients achieve their goals.”

Mary Elizabeth Murphy, CPCC, ORSCC, CPBA -  S.T.A.R Resources

Kim Ross"Over many years, Brent's firm has represented several of my clients (Disclosure-I am Brent's brother and a practicing attorney), and those clients and myself have found the personnel in Brent's firm to be very knowledgeable in the accounting, tax and consulting areas in which they practice. The firm's work product has been very innovative and of the highest quality."

Kim Ross -  Kimball K Ross, Attorney at Law

Brian Barquilla"I have know Brent for a while now. He does more than just your taxes. He is a true advisor that help business owners unlock more profit in their operations. He is good at teaching and even helps with HR and leadership issues. You are in good hands with Brent Ross."

Brian Barquilla -  AdvantageB2B Consulting + Marketing

Kelly Harris"Brent and his team have always (and suspect from 10 years of history with Brent) been on time, ahead of delivery dates with the most accurate information. His team is always thinking ahead of information we need, before we need it. A trusted professional, highly recommended........"

Kelly Harris -  Village Bread Company

Mike Devine"Brent and his team, have taken care of our accounting and tax work for over twenty years. They are professional, thorough and always have our best interest in mind. I would recommend Brent and his team to anyone in need of accounting, tax, team building or business analysis services."

Mike Devine -  Commercial Insulation Company

Cal Heseman"Brent and his team don’t just "crunch numbers”. He provides a variety of services to help their clients improve their businesses. Brent’s cost segregation studies can generate an immediate increase in cash flow through accelerated depreciation deductions that will withstand an IRS review. He is someone I recommend to my clients."

Cal Heseman -  Gateway Business Brokers