Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting is simply the recording of financial transactions such as sales, purchases, receipts, and payments of an organization. Bookkeepers typically perform these functions. Bookkeeping is easily confused with accounting because the accounting process includes the bookkeeping function, but bookkeeping is just a part of the accounting process. Accountants take the information recorded by the bookkeeper and transform it into a set of financial reports that tell the financial history of the organization for the last month, quarter, or year.

We believe these two processes – bookkeeping and accounting – are critical in the life and growth of a business. Without the history produced by these two processes, the stakeholders have no sense about where they have been, much less where they want to go in a financial sense. When we help clients with their bookkeeping we are helping them with both these processes. It is our goal to not just record the transactions accurately, but to produce financial reports that reflect what really happened, accurately, clearly, and in an organized fashion for ease of understanding and use by business owners who want to focus on running their business rather than spend time bookkeeping for the banks and the IRS.

You have probably heard the old adage, "garbage in, garbage out”. There are some that think that their job is to take what the client gives them and record it in the bookkeeping system, as is, without questioning anything. That’s where the phrase came from. In order to deliver extraordinary service to our client, we know that clients want us to look out for their interest and ask the right questions so that their transactions can be recorded accurately and reflect reality. It takes us a little longer to do it right but our clients say it’s important to be able to rely on their bookkeeping/accounting results and they appreciate our attention to details.

Attorneys, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, farmers, small business owners -  distributors, retailers and manufacturers have at least one thing in common - they don't have the time or patience to deal with keeping the books and records for the organization. Until a company reaches a certain "critical mass” it may be more economical to outsource the bookkeeping function to people who live and breathe accounting for a living. Leave the accounting work to the professionals. Save your time for things you enjoy doing, like working "On" your business instead of "In" your business. Call us for help with your bookkeeping needs.

When it comes time to prepare your income tax return or financial statements you can take to the bank at the end of the year, the process is quick and easy if we have been keeping your books all year. Take the pain out of compliance with IRS rules and bank reporting – let us prepare your tax returns and financial statements.

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