Careers at Ross Hughes & Associates, CPAs
Ever since Brent and Heather merged their CPA practices in January of 2014 the firm has been growing rapidly. We have watched our clients grow and our business grow. Perhaps the most rewarding thing has been to watch our team grow. Grow in spirit, grow in enthusiasm and grow professionally. We have new people joining our team each year and expect that trend to continue into the near future.
No matter when our people joined us, wherever they where in the careers, once you land at Ross Hughes you'll find our team to be excited, dedicated, talented and passionate about helping our clients reach their goals. We have all come together to create rewarding exciting futures for ourselves and our clients.
We believe we are making a difference in our clients' lives and that really makes us feel great about our team. We are growing together. Come see us, we may be a great fit for you. 
Openings for Careers at Ross Hughes
Looking for a challenging and rewarding career in Jacksonville, Florida? Check back here frequently that may include tax, accounting/bookkeeping, consulting and administrative positions with Ross Hughes as well as with our clients.If you have questions about careers at Ross Hughes, please contact us here.