Fight Back Against Internal Fraud

Theft from inside your company can take a serious toll on the operation. The median loss from internal fraud at construction companies is $300,000, according to a report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Here are some more details from the latest report, along with some smart strategies to help fight fraud in your business.

IRS Relaunches Pilot Program for Tax IDs

Protecting individuals against identity theft is a goal of all organizations and the IRS is no exception. The IRS recently announced the extension and modification of a program allowing certain information filers to "truncate," or only show part of, taxpayer ID numbers.

In Survival Mode? Don't Ignore Fraud Risks

During the recession, businesses have experienced an increase in fraud. Perpetrators can include angry laid-off former employees or staff members who justify stealing because they're worried about job security. At the same time, organizations are so overwhelmed by the economy that they let their guards down. The result is a perfect storm for devastating losses. Here's a look at three recent trends, as well as steps your business can take to detect and prevent fraud.

New Study Shows Increase in Senior Financial Fraud:

Senior fraud is a serious problem. You have probably seen many examples in the news, and it can happen to you or your aging parents. Strangers perpetrate more than half of all fraud against older citizens; however, it is likely that the 34 percent of reported cases of fraud committed by family members, friends and acquaintances is too low. In fact, most cases are unreported due to embarrassment or fear. The problem is probably much bigger than statistics indicate.

How to Protect Against Tax Identity Theft

Congress recently gave the IRS failing grades for not adequately preventing, identifying and processing identity theft cases involving tax returns. One member of Congress called tax identity theft "an epidemic that is profoundly unacceptable." Another joked that if bank robber Willie Sutton were alive today, he'd target the IRS. So how do protect against identity theft?

Beware Of IRS Related Identity Theft Schemes

The IRS is warning taxpayers to watch out for a new batch of Internet scams that are aimed at stealing identities and assets. This article describes four of the latest traps that con artists are setting, as well as ways you can spot an identity theft scam.

Help! I've Been Robbed! - Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

On February 2, 2000, a young child died. The loss was devastating for his family, but what happened when his parents tried to file their tax return only compounded the tragedy. The Internal Revenue Service disallowed the dependency deduction for the 1-year-old – but it was not the IRS' fault. At that time, the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where they lived allowed searches of death records that included Social Security numbers. Someone had stolen the child's identity; a theft that sent his parents into a nightmare.